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Our Warriors


Name: Myles

Age of Diagnosis: 6 Months

Date of Diagnosis: June 2020

Diagnosis: Primary HLH

Location of Treatment: St Louis Children’s Hospital

Child’s Interests: Myles loved music and holding your hand

Myles was 2 months old when he started to develop a fever, where we took in to our local hospital. After some blood work some of Myles counts where off and was taken to St Louis Children’s Hospital that night. Once down at Children’s they did major testing and thought it was a viral infection and was sent home. After a few days home the fever came back and back down to Children’s we went. They found out it was primary HLH after genetic testing, Myles then started chemo treatments, steroids, Gamifant, and other series of treatments. Myles had his bone marrow transplant a week after he turned 6 months. Myles had several complications after the bone marrow leading him to be on the vent, kidney dialysis and much more. Those complications put a lot of stress on his body and caused him to gain his wings on Oct 13th. Myles smile still brings strength to a lot of people around us that knew him.


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