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Our Warriors


Parker was diagnosed with primary HLH type 3 familial on December 1st 2022. She was 4.5 months old when diagnosed. And she is now 7 month old and is now in the hospital for transplant. She will be getting her new bone marrow on March 3rd. She is being treated at Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her interests are any crinkle toys, balls and rice crackers. Parker was lifeflighted to primarys from our home town on Nov 21st. Because they thought she has leukemia. Her liver and spleen were enlarged but every test they were running said negative for cancer. Her ferritin was high and that was there original suspicion for HLH. Genetic testing was sent to Radys Childrens Hospital in CA and some blood tests were sent to Cincinnati. 10 days later she was diagnosed with HLH. She has been home most of the time with one hospital stay after she was first released. She has been thriving at home with her big sister who is her best friend. Parker is such a happy girl all the time


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