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Our Warriors


Name: Henry

Date of Diagnosis: June 2015

Age of Diagnosis: 4 months old

Diagnosis: Primary

Location of Treatment: Mercy Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital

Henry was born in January at 32 weeks and spent 24 days in the NICU. In April he got sick and never seemed to get better. In May, we went to the doctor's office multiple times and every time got a different diagnosis. In June, we were told Henry looked pale and needed to go to the ER by a friend of a friend (who happened to be a doctor at St. Louis Children's), and was admitted at Mercy St. Louis. Within 24 hours the doctors confirmed our fear that Henry had HLH. My cousin's son years prior had been diagnosed with HLH and had a successful BMT (he is now a healthy 10 yr old). The next 10 days Henry started treatment with Chemo (including directly into his spine). As Henry got worse, he was transported to St. Louis Children's hospital where he endured countless obstacles including a manual blood transfusion, negative reactions to medicines, high dose oxygen, a rare skin disease, kidney dialysis, and so much more. The doctors had found a match for Henry for a BMT but it was too late. It was all too much for Henry's little body and he passed away 1 day before turning 6 months old on July 15th, 2015.


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