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Liam (8 yrs old)

Date of Diagnosis: October 2012

Age at Diagnosis: In-utero

Diagnosis: Primary

Location of Treatment: Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis

Child’s Interests: He loves all things Minecraft, Fortnite, Legos, Marvel, and playing volleyball

Summary of your child’s medical journey: Liam was diagnosed when I was 12 weeks pregnant with him. We knew that there was a 25% chance he would have HLH since his oldest brother had HLH and was going through BMT at the time. We were told that he had the best chance if we knew ahead of time and were able to plan to have him treated as early as possible. Liam was admitted for BMT at 5 months old. His HLH had not activated, and he was 100% donor cells at day 110. His chimerism did drop a year later, and he received 2 DLI’s (donor cell boosts). He is now 8 years post-transplant and is happy and healthy with very little memory of his fight. We are so thankful for his donor (who we met in 2015) and the amazing team that saw him through treatment.


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