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Our Warriors


Rebecca 26

Diagnosis: Secondary

Location of Treatment: Calgary, Alberta

Warriors Journey told by her Mother: My daughter was misdiagnosed when she was 20 when she lost her sight briefly then all use of her right side. When she was 26 she was taken to the ER in Red Deer, Albert where we live. She was maybe 90lbs she could not eat all she did was sleep. There they told me she was anorexic which we knew was not true. They later told us she had leukaemia then it was lymphoma. Her white blood count was 0 and after 3 blood transfusions it was still 0. After 2 weeks there they finally said they had no idea and were sending her to Tom Baker Cancer Center. After 1 week there they told me she had HLH. Because we live in Canada this is not common here. All I was ever told is that I carried the gene and so did her dad. She spent 3 months in the hospital she did a few rounds of chemo she was in remission. Rebecca came home but within 2 years she was back in Calgary and she never came home. My daughter fought for her life but this disease took everything she had. My daughter passed away with me and my boyfriend with her.


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